Knowledge is Power

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I’m sure you all have heard the old saying “curiosity killed the cat”. What is this actually supposed to mean? Knowing too much is dangerous for us? In some extent yes (namely politics), however, when curiosity strikes about oneself then it’s simple: knowledge is power!


We now live at an age where everything is open to us, which is a good thing right? Well what would you think if I tell you that you may be wrong? Look at it through this perspective; ANYBODY is able to feed ANY kind of information onto the internet without good or even no detailed research, etc. The problem we are faced with here is, yes we are open to so much information. But just HOW MUCH of that information is actually relevant to us? How credible is this information?

It’s worrying to see how some people post things onto the internet on for example how to cure a certain condition. “My method of curing this problem is ABC” or “I never go to the doctor, but I take DEF and it makes it feel better”. Now the example I have shown is in regards to health. You wouldn’t believe it but when I research online for matters relating to health, I actually come across rubbish like this. People literally ‘DIY’ing their health. Just because it makes you “feel good” for the short term does not amount to the fact that the problem is cured.


Back to what this website is actually about. As mentioned above; knowledge is power. A human-being can know some much, yet it can amount to so little, because we are now living through a time where things develop much faster and sometimes beyond control. Thankfully however, we have the internet to keep us up to speed and this website is aimed at being that small piece of the puzzle to help put together a greater picture.

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